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In the summer of 2002, Bohdan, Romko and I took a 10 day trip up to Baffin Island. We flew through Iqaluit on our way to Pangnirtung. From Pangnirtung, we chartered a boat from an outfitter named Charlie (highly recommended) who took us the necessary 30 miles to the end of the South Pangnirtung Fjord where the trail started. This trail traverses the peninsula and exits at the North Pangnirtung Fjord. Our aim was more modest. to hike up to Summit Lake, circumscribe it (if possible) and hike back. The scenery and landscape are hard to describe, but breathtaking is a good start. The pictures below will begin to tell the story and they are presented in a chronological order.


The map of the valley

Looking fresh in Kirkland

Short stop in Kuujjuaq

Roman and Bohdan in Pangnirtung, staging area

Bohdan and Charlie, our outfitter, who took us to the head of the trail. His 4 year old son is sleeping in the nose of the boat. Charlie was just a wealth of knowledge and discussion of the land, the people, and his life. He took us in and out, over a week later.

We had many stream crossings. None of them were fun.

But Roman was happy, or was that delirious?

The Arctic Circle, off by several hundred metres, by my GPS

Our MEC Nunatek tent served us very well

Mt. Thor is truly awesome

Cribbage, cribbage, and more cribbage


Vertical lines get weird

Leaving the valley behind.....

The Park office was a great help

Iqaluit with funky clouds

Self Portrait

Good Bye to Iqaluit


But not good bye forever. We committed to going up when Peter turns 50, that would be in 2007, who knows who else will join us?

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